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Steelmaker pours liquid metal from basket, factory

The website artenero.com.au is a public, open-access resource that is part of a larger project to document the processes used to produce cast and manufactured art/design works. Budgeting, insurance, transportation, and contracts are among the aspects covered. Documentation is one way of sharing and archiving helpful knowledge, particularly given the global skills shortage in many technical disciplines.


Casting is most often used to create abstract shapes that would be impossible or prohibitively expensive using other techniques. For thousands of years, casting processes have been used for sculpture (especially in bronze),  jewellery made of precious metals, and arms and tools. If you’re interested in the art and want to know more about how the process works, you can take help from the Artenero website.

Visit our website to access any information on metals from metal casting, wax, finishing, sand casting, mould making and a lot more.

To study the main content of the bronze casting section of the website in the mid-1990s. ‘Art Founding, Process & Practice’ was the title of the first print edition of the book (ISBN 0-9542461-0-1 [2002] the research for the cores content of the bronze casting section of the website was done at the Courtauld Institute, National Art Library (V&A), and University of London King’s College libraries in London during the mid-1990s. The resulting work was published as ‘Art Founding, Process & Practice’ (ISBN 0-9542461-0-1 [2002]). The text includes collaborations with artists, designers, technicians, architects, and engineers in both the earlier print and this updated electronic revision based on practical workshoping and project practice. This website would not be feasible without its outstanding artistic and technological abilities. The majority of the technical material in the text has been proven in real-world contexts, then cross-referenced with selected books, articles, publications, and other documents to provide a balanced summary of each subject.

Steel factory, metallurgical or metalworking mill
Master steelmaker at furnace, steel factory

Please bear in mind that the artenero site is not designed to be a comprehensive ‘how-to’ guide or an in-depth tutorial. There are always several perspectives to a single view, each of which may be equally true. Similarly, the shared opinion is only, and a particular viewpoint might differ from that of others.

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