is an Art designing and casting Wikipedia, documenting all the procedures used in metal casting. We strive to educate the world about the evolution of metal casting for about a thousand years. Travelling from the status of art to technology and then another hundred years journey to applied science, the art of metal casting is more than what meets the eye. We take you on a steady, exciting ride through all the processes and diving deep into the ocean of knowledge, incorporated into the things surrounding you.

Applications of Casting Diverse Sectors

Metal casting application is nothing that needs a magnifying lens; 90% of things around us have been involved in these processes one way or another. Its existence’s influence goes beyond the artist and foundry affecting the whole world. For a friendly introduction, hop on our ride to its applications in diverse industries.

Casting in Aviation

The Aviation industry conventionally fancies the casting applications. The casting applications provide the key to their locks from fighter jet to aircraft or helicopters to aeroplanes. In simple terms, the aircraft or planes we wave have Casting to thank for most of their structure. However, Aviation only uses lightweight options, under any circumstances, such as aluminium, magnesium, and alloys.

Magnesium die casting - gearbox housing

Casting in Automobile

The four-wheel carriage that has become an essential part of lives over the years is not safe from casting. The auto body is no exception; from carburettor to seat belt spindle, nearly every piece is connected to casting processes. Unlike the Aviation industry, automobile demands Aluminium Die and Zinc Die-castings.

A stream of molten slag

Casting in Military

Just like all other industries, the military also leans on casting for the fulfilment of its requirements. Military demands versatile, lightweight, sturdy and exquisitely finished castings for different parts and components. Investment casting is famous in the military with a myriad of materials like high-carbon steel and aluminium.

Crane with bucket of liquid metal on steel factory

Our Objectives

We believe in paving the way for others to assist them with their research, learning interesting creative procedures that make up the world. We are not afraid to put all our efforts into the courses following our innovation, transformation, and research objectives.

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Struggling in the manufacturing sector, Australia is looking for a way to face the challenges head-on. The tremendous decline for around twenty or more years propels the Australians and the world altogether to fight the perils of perishing. The only solution to the current dilemma is Innovation. We intend to bring Innovation and water the budding interests by educating them, opening up their minds for greater possibilities.

Transformation and Technology knows the power casting and designing holds that can carry out incredible transformation. By guiding you through these processes, their applications and prospects, we are budding a hope- the change to finally intrude. Also, we look forward to technologies that can aid these processes and inventions, helping the world.

Close up of machine for loading sheet metal in factory

Research and Scope

We aim to broaden the scope of casting through research and experiment. Casting foundry needs attention, helping us achieve our goals and giving birth to new industries and prodigies.